Silly Americans

When my American friends like my stuff on Facebook when its 10 AM in London (5 AM in the US)




Oh, I actually mean OUIIIIIII!

I’m planning to go to Paris this weekend! I’ve been once, 2 summers ago, and am excited to go back!



I can’t wait to embarrass myself trying to speak French

And to eat French food that follows the Paula Deen or Honey Boo Boo philosophy, mo’butta, mo’betta.


I do love my food, and French is the language of love, isn’t it? 😉

Bonus adorable French kitty

Pretty London Part 2: Columbia Road Flower Market

My roommate and I were exploring London on Sunday, and were actually trying to find Brick Lane, but stumbled upon this beautiful little flower market (I say little but it was actually a huge stretch of just flower stands). We don’t necessarily have the disposable incomes to just buy flowers instead of food, but it was certainly an experience!








My Weekend AKA the time I ate everything in London

On Saturday morning my roommate and I went to the Portobello Market in Notting Hill. Yes that one.

Did not see Hugh Grant there unfortunately. But what we did see was tons of food! Stands and stands of food.

I got fresh veggies, fruit, goat cheese, a sandwich, and a chocolate eclair. And I ate most of it before getting home.

every stand we walked past

We wandered a little further and found this completely random warehouse type place with live music and drinks. It was like 3 in the afternoon but why not!

Then I went home and ate some of the veggies I got and met up with Maddy (!) and her friends from Venice for fish and chips and beer at a pub. Notice the theme is just me constantly eating.

At the next bar, we drank these mint oreo milkshake drink things that probably had 0 alcohol in them but man they were delicious.

On Sunday, I met up with a super cool mom I met in my neighborhood and her 5 year old daughter. They were nice enough to show me some parts of London I hadn’t seen before! We got some great Dim Sum in Chinatown and Ben and Jerrys ice cream is Leicester Square which is kind of the equivalent of Times Square.  My favorite was a great view of London from a 32nd floor while drinking some great wine. Having a cute five year old with us got us free fancy marshmallow and fruit. The 360 view really made me realize how big London is because it really doesn’t seem that big! Part of why I like it so much.

Great conversation and fun times all around over a super calorie dense weekend. Oh well, I’ll be healthy again eventually.

full circle back to Notting Hill gifs

And some pics:

my girl Maddy

my girl Maddy


dat view



adorable kid