When Someone Asks If I Like Camping

I don’t camp. Maybe I would like camping if there were a sink, shower, toilet, bed, walls, and a roof. Maybe…


The Hardest Part

The hardest part about deciding to live in London is missing my friends from home. They’re the kind of friends that I know are my soul sisters and that we were meant to be together.

And everyone else thinks about us like this

But it’s okay

We accept each other for it.

We give each other scratches,

Dress up in weird outfits to go out at night (sink or swim anyone?)

Have ridiculous inside jokes we can’t bring up in public,

Make fun of Lexa’s smokestack,

Recap our drunken nights the next morning,

Continuously text each other to an annoying level.

I love them more than I can describe.

And now that I’m away

But I want you all to know

And I can’t wait until Christmas to see you again!

PS I know your response will be

But I